Empowering Women

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Hours 30

Course Summary

We are all a success story right now in our own right. We all have so much to offer. This course encourages us to stop and think about where we are on our life journey. Throughout this course we mention different strategies to help us become every more empowered. By exploring some of our past experiences we can learn different ways of drawing strength from them.

Course Details

This course is a positive and empowering course that will encourage you to think about the way you do life. The course invites you to explore your values and to hold true to your values while making decisions and goals. We cover the importance of effective communication and how that can help us with our self esteem.  You will be encouraged to look at your self limiting beliefs so you can find out what is holding you back from having anything you want. We discuss the importance of balance and bringing all your learnings together.  We talk about success, and invite you to really consciously think about what your meaning of success is. 

There are lots of learnings, videos to watch, affirmations and different strategies to try. Need more details, feel free to contact me at kim.motv8ncoach@gmail.com   www.lifesuccesscoach.co.nz

Come and join me.