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Hours 20

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This course has been created to support tutors and mums coming through the Hippy program. There are learnings, activities and videos that are around the particular sessions learnings. You can do the course in order or skip ahead, which ever suits you. You can log on whenever you like and do as much as you like or if need be leave it for a while. During the course you can contact me through email and ask questions or suggestions. The course will be opened up to you and you will have your own log in details so the course is private and all emails to me are in all in strict confidence.   www.lifesuccesscoach.co.nz

Course Details

This course is made as a support to personal development and learning. Included in this course are topics such as values, self eteem, self limiting beliefs, our conscious mind and unconscious mind, what makes us tick, and how we can work towards achieving our own personal goals. Need more details, feel free to contact me at kim.motv8ncoach@gmail.com