Kids and devices

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Hours 30

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This course was designed to raise awareness with parents around the issues of children being on their devices too much. This course highlights the importance of children keeping up with technology for schooling and socially while remembering the importance of the dangers of too much time on devices, anti socialization, devices causing issues in families when taken away and the anxiety and addiction that can take place. Join me on this insightful course about device use. Learn some tips and tools that you can use straight away and how effective boundaries can help the whole family.  Feel like you need more details, feel free to contact me at

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Children are so precious, we need to make the world a safe place for them. Technology is so exciting and full of information. Join me on this course and learn effective ways to have boundaires, so our children are safe and healthy while being able to use their devices to access the world. In this course we cover what is happening to the childs brain during device use, how to create effective boundaries within your family value system, the importance and strategies for grounding your child again and the impacts devices can have on health and self esteem.